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Why Getting Help for Alcoholism Is So Important

To say that alcoholism is a nasty disease would be a massive understatement. Alcoholism is not discriminatory. It does not prey on the poor. It does not prey on a particular race. It does not prey on an age bracket or an income stream.

Alcoholism is very apparent in all walks of life all over the planet. It reaches people who have great jobs and make millions of dollars. It reaches people who are jobless and broke and it penetrates faithful religions on a daily basis.

You might even say alcoholism is a global epidemic. Getting help is the only real solution to this problem and that help can come in a wide variety of programs, methods or support groups.

Is There A Cure for Alcoholism?

Leslie Keeley operated an alcohol treatment center by the name of Keeley Institute. These centers were very popular in the late 1800s and eventually closed down in 1965. When patients arrived at the Keeley Institute they were all give equal treatment which consisted of a nice comfortable room, encouragement, individual attention and four shots of gold bichloride a day. His methods had a high success rate even though his magical solution was not something that existed.

Was his magical concoction a cure for alcoholism? Some say it was and others say the Keeley Institute had a high success rate because of the way it approached people suffering from alcoholism. The centers gave each person individual attention and encouragement. This was something that was unheard of back then and many people believe these two things are the only reasons the Keeley Institute had such a high success rate.

The Benefits of Positive Encouragement

Positive thinking has the power and ability to transform lives. People really can do anything they put their mind to, but many people simply don’t because they lack the proper encouragement. This is especially true in alcoholism because it creates a dark cloud around every person involved. Knowing there is a light at the end of this tunnel and being encouraged to reach for it makes a world of difference.

The Benefits of Individual Attention

No two people are alike. This is true of the physical, mental and chemical portions of our bodies. This simple fact proves that individualized attention can make a huge difference for a wide variety of problems including alcoholism. One person suffering from alcoholism may exhibit completely different symptoms than another. This is why individual attention is so important.

Never Doubt the Power of Fellowship

Having other people who are going through the same process at your side can be a huge help. One of the problems associated with alcoholism is feeling like you are all alone. A fellowship proves this otherwise by showing you that you are indeed not alone. Being with others who are going through the same process is an excellent learning experience for every person involved.

Choosing to not get help would is the single largest mistake a person suffering from alcoholism can make. If you or someone you know is suffering from alcoholism, make sure they get the help they need to live a long, happy, healthy life.



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