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The Scary Side of Alcohol Consumption

Have you ever wondered why consuming alcohol seems to make people do strange things? Believe it or not it all comes down to science. There is a scientific reason for everything that happens when it does. It all boils down to receptors in the brain. How many of them there are. How they are spaced apart and the exact locations of these receptors. What are these receptors called? They are called Gaba receptors and here is what happens.

Alcohol and Gaba Receptors

Alcohol has a very peculiar effect on the Gaba receptors in the brain. When a person has the first drink, the brain boosts the levels of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is being called the brain’s reward chemical. Dopamine is released when people eat,sleep and have sex. It gives you a general overall feeling of euphoria. You feel calm, relaxed and overall really good.

This happens in the beginning and it is nothing more than a trick because these effects wear off quickly and then the problems start to make themselves noticed.

When alcohol is consumed in higher doses another entirely different part of the brain gets shut off. The part of the brain that gets shut off is the part of the brain that controls fear. This is why people seem to have more courage when they have been drinking. This false security is why people get injured and killed after a long bout of drinking.

When sober, your average person can easily calculate risks associated with certain tasks. Alcohol has the opposite effect. It clouds a person’s judgment and makes risks seem almost inviting. Yet again, just another trick and the reason there are so many alcohol related injuries.

There are other side effects as well. Alcohol can make a person drop their guard and trust people they would not normally trust. Some people also become more generous. All of these traits seem somewhat harmless, but they are not.

The other nasty direct side effect of alcohol is violence. It is no secret that heavy drinkers are often more violent than non-drinkers. Fill a violent person with alcohol and you are just looking for massive problems. This is why there are so many alcohol fueled fights.

The highest levels of alcohol consumption can shut down even more areas of the brain causing people to lose memory and seem as if they are suffering from dementia. This is especially scary considering there are thousands of people who do this to themselves on an almost weekly basis.

What About the Long Term Effects?

All of these symptoms are only temporary. That’s the good news, but the long term effects of heavy drinking on the human body are very dangerous. Brain damage, memory problems, depression, anxiety and ultimately suicide are the more common long term effects of heavy alcohol consumption.



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