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Homes of Promise is staffed by the following caring professionals:

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Ray Adamyk, Executive Director

Ray Adamyk is the founder and president of Spectra Company, the largest historic restoration company in the western United States, which is headquartered in Pomona and has been in business for over 25 years. Ray is an Emeritus Trustee for the California Preservation Foundation, while holding memberships in the Association of Preservation Technology International, the National Trust, Los Angeles Conservancy and the Western Association for Art Conservation. His historic preservation projects have received recognition from the National Trust, California Preservation Foundation, Los Angeles Conservancy, Long Beach Heritage and Pasadena Heritage. In addition, Ray is an American Institute of Architects’ Affiliate Member in Los Angeles and is a graduate of Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

In regards to his ministry work, Ray has also been involved in church service for many years.  Most recently, he has served on TEAM Leadership for Celebrate Recovery in Christ’s Church of the Valley in San Dimas. Personally and through Spectra Company, Ray has worked with the following non-profit organizations:

youtwithamissionHomes of Hope  We regularly partner with the Youth with a Mission Homes of Hope program to provide housing for those less fortunate who reside in the Baja region.

CompassionCompassion International  We are proud to provide monthly sponsorship to needy children in third world countries. We partner with Compassion International to provide education, food, shelter and healthcare for these 35 children.

samaritanspurseSamaritan’s Purse Every Christmas season, we join forces with the Samaritan’s Purse organization to participate in Operation Christmas Child. Last year, 8 million children in over 130 countries received shoe boxes filled with toys and gifts. For some children, this is the only Christmas gift they receive.

rotaryinternationalRotary International We recently partnered with Rotary International to begin work on providing a well in the The Engewua Valley, a remote and beautiful highland set in the greater Matale area of Northern Tanzania. Relatively undeveloped and significantly hard to reach, this location is home to traditional Maasai people who live simply with a fairly low population density of approximately 2,500 to 3,000 people. Rural Maasai is never heavily populated and the extended count, including the broader area, brings the general population to approximately 6,000 persons. The need for water is keenly felt in this impoverished region. It is the hope that a viable source of plentiful clean water will be established so that new levels of health, education and lifestyle can be realized among these needy and often overlooked people. In partnership with Rotary, Wild Hope International, local leaders in the Matale region, and individual donors, we hope to provide a borehole for this area.

Little Lights

We are proud to provide monthly sponsorship to 10 needy children in India. We partner with Little Lights to provide education, food and shelter.

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Late Izzy Farrach, Co-Founder

Izzy was the primary counselor of our house guests. For Izzy, decades of struggling with addiction and substance abuse led to a variety of damaging experiences, including homelessness, crime and family crisis. The most permanent damage came in the form of life threatening illnesses, including hepatitis C and cirrhosis of the liver, from which he suffered even as he served our guests and a variety of other ministries.

Sober since he gave his life to Christ in 1994 and awaiting a necessary liver transplant, Izzy was compelled to share his experiences and powerful testimony with men who are committed to recovery. As a single father of two boys and a widower after his wife Shawna passed away in 2013, he understood and respected the wide range of experiences that our guests bring with them.

Izzy also believed that the two years he spent in a sober living home played a large role in his long-term recovery – and he hoped that Izzy’s Place will play the same role in the lives of all our house guests. He served as our first intake manager in the home we named after him. Izzy worked as full time manager of The Vision House, a sober living home in Pomona, California, for 4 1/2 years.

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Rob Redmon, Program Director

Rob Redmon serves Homes of Promise as the Program Director. He comes from a background of childhood abuse that led to self-destructive behavior including self-mutilation, drugs and alcohol that controlled him from the age of 13 to 20. At the age of 20, Rob attended church for the first time with his new wife, Karen, and found help and hope for his addiction through Jesus Christ.

However, as is sometimes as the case with addiction, the personal struggles and demands of life took their toll, and alcohol again found its way back into Rob’s life. No matter what he tried to do to feel accepted, loved and at peace, it wasn’t until his last run with alcohol that he hit his bottom and his full recovery journey began. It was through the 12 step process that Rob discovered that holding on to his hurts, hang ups, and habits were blocking him from being the man God intended. Through the 12 step program, and the love of God and his family, Rob is living the life God intended – free from the hold of addiction.

Rob has a long history of outreach to his community having served as an Awana leader, Reserve Deputy with LA County Sheriff’s Department, and has coached various baseball, softball and soccer teams. He is currently on the Lead Team for Celebrate Recovery for Christ Church of the Valley, and is a certified life coach and Community Chaplain. Rob uses these platforms to share the message of the 12 Step Program in Christ.

Rob has been married for 34 years to Karen. They have 2 children – Michelle and Tim, and 5 grandchildren. He loves camping, fishing, hiking and skydiving.

Helping others who are struggling is Rob’s greatest joy. It is his compassion and desire to serve that has brought him to Homes of Promise. The hurts from childhood and the struggles of addiction led Rob to the place in life where by serving others, he has found contentment and peace.

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Adrian Collazo, Executive Assistant

Adrian Collazo serves Homes of Promise as the Executive Assistant. Adrian has attended Life Pacific College in San Dimas, California. He was raised in a Christian home, but Christ was never really the foundation of his life until 2011, when he gave his life to Christ. What brought Adrian to rock bottom was a break-up with a long term girlfriend which then led him down a road of alcohol abuse, substance abuse, severe depression, and attempted suicide. In 2011, Adrian attended a house church through Abbalove Church and it was there through prophetic prayer that he received Jesus.

When Jesus met Adrian where he was at, he found his purpose to life. In his old life, his pains were his hang-ups, but in his new life his pains are part of his testimony. He has a deeply rooted passion to see the lost come to Jesus Christ and has a heavy burden for individuals who struggle with alcohol/substance abuse, depression, and any other hang-up. He has been an active leader in his church community and also helps facilitate small groups along with one-on-one discipleship. He also helped start his own nonprofit with his best friend that deals with reaching out to millennials through means of modern day media.

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Salvador Perez, House Manager

Sal Perez was born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley. He began his use of marijuana at the early age of 12. This started a progression towards other drugs consisting from pills, cocaine, crack snorting, and ultimately on to heroin. Sal was not only a meth amphetamine addict, but became a manufacturer of meth until the age of 42. At 42, Sal Perez finally hit his bottom, and with the help of a friend, entered a rehab center (Acton). While in Rehab, he completely surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus (his higher power), daily praying for His will to be done. Sal has been sober for 13 years. He served for 5 years as the Manager of the Brick House Sober Living Home in Pomona. He also started a ministry at his home church (Faith Community) that provides transportation for clients from American Recovery Center and takes them to church for their 12 Step Meeting — and then again to their church on Sunday. God has been directing Sal’s life for the past 13 years. With God’s help, he will continue to remain sober and live freely through Jesus Christ.

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Michelle Jumper, Assistant

Michelle is an active member in her church, Christ Church of the Valley in San Dimas, California. She serves in leadership with a 12 step Christ based recovery program, Celebrate Recovery. She is the mother of two grown sons.

Michelle has home schooled her sons through their elementary school days, been an active member on the little league board, and coached many of her son’s sport teams that they played during their adolescent years.

Michelle traveled through much of the United States working for the Forest Service, National Park Service, and private Christian camps. She also served as a missionary in Mexico on medical teams.

She has acted as a caregiver for special needs individuals. She has also served as the coordinator for her church’s nursery daycare for five years. Michelle currently is assisting with Homes a Promise as associate and counselor.

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Ann Dresselhaus, Accounting/Bookkeeping

Ann is currently the Business Manager for Spectra Company and focuses her attention on the accounting and operational matters of the company. She is going to be working with Homes of Promise in a similar capacity, handling the bookkeeping and general accounting matters for the organization.



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HOMES OF PROMISE believes in an individualized approach in helping plot our guests’ road to recovery. We help define the key interests, hobbies and goals our guests have and develop a schedule that adheres to these positive tasks while holding them accountable to their own growth. We also help to promote interest and acclimation to the abundant 12 Step meetings and community. We encourage our guests to see that sobriety can be fun by attending house and sober events. Homes Of Promise is a 501(c)3 not for profit corporation.