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How “Sober” is Sober Living?

That’s a great question, and an important one to ask before committing to any sober living home.  Here at Izzy’s Place and Homes of Promise, we require our guests to refrain from alcohol and drugs while living onsite with us. This is essential in order to maintain the integrity of our program and encourage the ongoing recovery of each resident. Yes, we do ask guests to leave if they test positive for a substance or are caught with a substance; this is a policy that any quality sober living home will enforce, whether or not it is a Christian sober living home.

In order to facilitate an environment where all guests remain clean and sober, we have some requirements of our guests. We ask everyone to:

  • Honor our house curfew every night (please ask what this is before moving in; if you work unconventional hours, please let us know)
  • Participate in both a 12-step program and the Bible-based Celebrate Recovery program
  • Have an official sober friend and an AA or NA sponsor, for as much support as possible 
  • Attend our weekly Friday Night Light meetings (families are welcome to come!)
  • Have a part-time or full-time job, or be working towards gaining legal employment

And of course, all guests are expected to submit to random drug and alcohol testing while living with us – another requirement you will find is common among nearly all sober living homes. We do require that our guests test negative every time in order to remain living on the property.

How sober is sober living? As sober as possible, for the integrity of our program and the ongoing likelihood of successful recovery of our guests. As a sober living home, it’s our job to encourage the recovery of everyone who seeks refuge here. 



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