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Differnce Between Sober Living Communities & Addiction Treatment Centres

There will always be different levels of addiction and there will always be different levels of treatment as well. One common misconception is that a sober living environment is exactly the same as your average run of the mill drug treatment center. This could not be further from the truth. It is this line of thinking that has even prevented most communities from embracing the idea of a sober living community. Here are a few of the differences in the two.

Addiction Treatment Centers

Addiction treatment centers are nothing like a sober living community. The keyword here being treatment. These centers are the first places people suffering from addictions go. This particular stage of the addiction process is where people are the most vulnerable. They will be struggling to stay clean and they will be facing the same potential problems a lot of addicts face. The environment of an addiction treatment center can be quite volatile at times.

Needless to say, addiction treatment centers play a vital role in helping people suffering from addiction get through the hard times ahead.

Sober Living Communities

Sober living communities are on the opposite end of the spectrum when compared to addiction treatment centers. Addicts are not in the same vulnerable stage of healing when they get to a sober living community. The have already fought those demons and they are now ready to be surrounded by loving people who can help them live a life of sobriety.

Sober living communities are based on honesty and faith. Here at Homes of Promise, our sober living houses are based on a 12-step approach which brings Jesus and his active presence in our lives to every person who resides in our homes. We believe that true recovery can only be accomplished by accepting the love of Jesus Christ. Our homes operate on disciplines that come directly from the Christian Bible.

We offer support to all of our tenants by providing accountability and friendship and they both serve all of our tenants well by helping them build a healthy foundation for recovery.



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