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Sal Perez – House Manager

Sal Perez Profile Picture

Sal Perez was born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley. He began his use of marijuana at the early age of 12. This started a progression towards other drugs consisting of pills, cocaine, crack snorting, meth, and ultimately on to heroin. Sal was not only a methamphetamine addict, but became a manufacturer of meth until the age of 42. At 42, Sal Perez finally hit his bottom, and with the help of a friend, entered a rehab center (Acton). While in rehab, he completely surrendered his life to God (his higher power), daily praying for His will to be done. Sal has been sober for 15 years. He served for 5 years as the Manager of the Brick House Sober Living Home in Pomona. He also started a ministry at his home church – Faith Community, that provides transportation for clients from American Recovery Center and takes them to church for 12 Step Meeting, service, and other activities.



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