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The Role of Recovery Friends in Sober Living Homes

All Homes of Promise guests are required to have an official recovery friend while residing at Izzy’s House. Understandably, some of our guests and their families have asked what this means. A recovery friend is not your mentor/sponsor; that is an entirely different person who plays a different role in your support system. Unlike your mentor/sponsor, your recovery friend is someone who is also currently in recovery. Often, he is a little further ahead. Perhaps he has lived in sober living homes for a slightly longer period of time – or even a much longer period of time. As long as he has remained sober during that time, and he is an encouraging person who is willing to help you hold yourself accountable, he is a qualified recovery friend.

If you have researched other sober living homes, you may have seen the term “sober friend” used as well; that is sometimes a term that can be used with recovery friend interchangeably, depending on the context. Here’s where it should not be used interchangeably: Some high end recovery organizations refer to a sober friend as someone who is paid to accompany the recovering addict (i.e., a celebrity) to events.

Obviously, we are not referring to that kind of friend here! You don’t hire your recovery friend; he is a real friend who has faced the same real challenges as you, and maybe faces them still – but he knows how to navigate them successfully, and he wants to help you do the same. That’s how we define recovery friend here at Homes of Promise.

We ask our guests to have their recovery friend secured within 30 days of moving into our sober living homes, just as we ask the mentor/sponsor to be declared within the first 30 days. If you need help selecting a recovery friend, just ask. We will be glad to offer some guidance. 



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