Choosing A Sober Living Environment

Starting a sober lifestyle is always a challenge. This is especially true if you have been a heavy drinker or using drugs for an extended period of time. Something as simple as carrying on a conversation can wind up being a challenge. This is just one of the reasons living sober can be so difficult. The temptations to start using or drinking again seem like the right choice because they are so easy and familiar. It is ultimately your choice and you can make the best choice that will lead to a positive, enriching life full of happiness.

Making New Friends

One of the toughest challenges will be making new friends that fully know and understand what it means to live a sober lifestyle. Most people figure that they will be battling their addictions alone, but this is far from the truth.

Joining any type of sober living community will teach you more than how to live a happy, sober life. It will also teach you that you are never alone. No matter how bad things have gotten or may get, there will always be someone there to talk to and help you get through it.

Most sober living environments consist of people at various stages of sobriety. There are always people who have been exactly where you are and they are more than willing to offer a helping hand when you need it the most. You don’t have to have friends that are using to enjoy life.

Choosing A Sober Living Community

The choice to live sober is often the most difficult choice of all. Choosing the right community can often be a challenge as well. In order to make the transition as easy as possible, here are a few things to consider.

  • Location: You may want to choose a location that is far away from your current home. It can be an advantage to provide some distance between you and the people who are always enabling your habits.
  • Help: Ask yourself what kind of help the sober living community will provide you. Do they have a full-time staff that consists of doctors, psychologists and nurses? Are there volunteers who are willing to help you in the middle of the night? Knowing the answers to these questions will make it easier to choose the right community.
  • Amenities: Are there any amenities available? Do you have access to the things you need in order to live a sober life?
  • Rules of the Road: Every sober living community will have rules that you must adhere to. Find out what the house rules are before you make a commitment.

Choosing sobriety is always the best answer. Don’t let the challenges you will ultimately face in the coming days prevent you from making the right choices.

Homes of Promise Theme Song “Against All Odds” – Izzy’s Song


971055_10151389707176890_160458493_n Izzy Farrach

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Izzy Farrach, Co-Founder

Sharif Iman is a prolific singer and songwriter out of Nashville, Tennessee.

The song Against All Odds speaks to our ever present need of God in our lives and “Against All Odds” we are still here despite struggles and challenges we all face.

We call this Izzy’s Song, for it was Izzy, who lived an amazing life for God, “Against All Odds”

Click on the link below to listen and enjoy.


Change Your Frame of Mind and Stop Drinking Today

Habitual drinking never ends well. Many people will struggle for years before they decide to stop forever and some people may not make it that far. Any person who has had a night of too much to drink will inevitably remember the next morning because it is almost always the same thing.

You slowly open your eyes and shield them from any possible light source. Your head starts to pound and then you realize you don’t remember the night before. What did you do? Who did you talk to? An unsettling feeling slowly overcomes you as you try and remember how you got home. This is how the next morning is for the lucky ones. Some people never wake up and others wake up in a jail cell. This is no way to live your life. Isn’t it time you put these horrible mornings behind you forever?

Change Your Thought Process

Many people refuse to stop drinking because they don’t like the idea of it. They automatically assume that life without a drink will be nothing more than a series of unbelievably boring days and nights. This single thought creates doubt. That doubt then ultimately leads to deciding it will be better to continue drinking. It is far too easy to convince yourself that drinking is the right answer. These thoughts are the drink. Life is a far superior experience through sober eyes and changing the way you think about it can have a huge impact on your success.

All the good times that you think have been a direct result of drinking are not. This is one secret that not enough people are aware of, and the only way to fully understand this secret is to experience it yourself. Denial has a voice and it is a liar, but it difficult to not listen when all you can think about is how your next drink will make you feel better.

Living a long and healthy life starts off with changing the way you think about the whole process. Realizing that life will indeed be much better once you stop drinking is the key. There are a whole lot of things going on in our heads, but it is up to us to make sure we make the rules, not the drinks!

Finding A Sober Living Home In the Los Angeles Area

To say the city of Los Angeles is big would be a huge understatement. It is the second largest metropolitan area in the United States and the 13th largest metropolitan area on the entire planet. The 2010 census reported over 12 million people living in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. That means there is average of just over 2600 people per square mile. Many of these people have traveled to California to find their dreams of fame and fortune. Los Angeles is definitely a city that is loaded with opportunities. It is an excellent place to live and for many, it is an even better place to party. Trying to live a sober life in the great city of Los Angeles can be a little on the difficult side.

Los Angeles Sober Living

Finding a place to live in the big city won’t be that difficult at all. Finding a place that promotes a sober living environment is a little different. There are not too many places that offer this type of living environment. That is not the case with Homes of Promise. We provide not one, but two great sober living environments in the great state of California. We have Izzy’s Place in La Verne, California and Izzy’s in Ontario, California. Both locations provide an excellent opportunity to live a long, healthy and fruitful sober life.

The Facility in La Verne

This facility is located in a picturesque Edwardian home. The home sits on half an acre of beautiful land with a peaceful garden, fish pond and fruit trees.The home consists of over 4000 square feet where all guests can roam freely. There are a total of six bedrooms and 2.5 baths. The house can accommodate up to 20 guests at any given time.

Amenities include:

  • Landline phone
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Desktop computer access
  • Large kitchen
  • Plenty of parking
  • Verizon Fios TV
  • Close to major highways

Our home offer a unique place to live and stay sober. All of our guests are treated with kindness and respect at all times, but all guests will be required to follow a few simple rules. All guests must maintain stable employment. You will also be required to have a restoration guest and a sponsor as well. This is crucial towards a healthy recovery.

There is always a chance to live a long, healthy, sober life. At Homes of Promise, we are eager to help.

You Can Overcome Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is an often confusing condition where people willfully consume drugs and over a period of time become addicted. What was once a willful decision slowly becomes a want, a need or a full out obsession. Some people find that they have extreme, uncontrollable cravings that eventually wind up controlling their lives.

Science has been able to verify that addiction is indeed a disease which affects multiple areas of the brain. Learning and memory are obviously some of the most common areas of the brain that are affected, but reward and motivation is also affected as well. These two areas are what causes addiction to become such a problem in the first place.

The Facts
According to a recent survey, over 23 million people are currently suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Of those over23 million people, roughly 10% find the treatment they need. That leaves the other 90% or 20 million people untreated. These frightening results have been very similar every year these surveys are conducted. It is plainly obvious that the real problem here is people not getting the help they need to combat their addictions.

Treatment Is Not Simple
Treatment for any type of drug addiction is never a simple process. There are so many different variables that fall into place. Every person is different and every type of drug has a different effect on each individual. This can make finding the right treatment difficult and this is often why people don’t stop using.

There Is Hope
Finding the right treatment can be difficult, but there is always hope. There are plenty of other people out there who have already undergone treatment and won. These people often dedicate a portion of their lives to helping others find their way through addiction. Don’t think for a minute that there is no hope. There is always hope and there are always people who are eager to help.

Counseling can be found in either a group or individual environment. These types of groups or meetings are often the first step towards getting the help you need. Group counseling will teach you that you are not alone and that there are plenty of people who have been in your exact situation or even worse.

The main thing is seeking out the help that you need. This is the first and often most complicated process in drug addiction.

Facing Addictions With the Help of Celebrate Recovery

Seeking help from any type of addiction can be a very difficult task. There are far too many people out there who do not get the help they need to overcome addiction. The end result is all too common and very sad. It is a downward spiral that affects anyone it touches and could ultimately end in death. Getting help is extremely important but it can be difficult trying to determine the best method.

What About Celebrate Recovery?
There are a few simple questions you can ask yourself to help you determine if Celebrate Recovery is right for you. Ask yourself the following questions.

Is there anything in your life you do that has the potential to hurt others?
Is there anything you wish you could live without?
Is it time to stop denying and admit you are no longer in control of your life?
Do you have a habit that you need to be free of?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Celebrate Recovery is right for you on so many levels.

What Can You Expect From Celebrate Recovery?
Celebrate Recovery gives you the opportunity to participate in a group fellowship where hope and love are mixed together with God’s purpose. This helps people put their lives back together. Celebrate Recovery helps people get the real help they need to overcome their powerful addictions.

One great thing about Celebrate Recovery is the fact that the entire process is strictly confidential. No one will know you have joined unless you tell them personally. This helps build trust which ultimately enables recovery. There is a saying in Celebrate Recovery that will help you understand the confidentiality.

“Who you see here. What you hear here. When you leave here. STAYS HERE.”

What Types of Problems Does Celebrate Recovery Help?
There are several common life hang-ups that Celebrate Recovery can help with. Anything from alcohol dependency to drugs, sex, low self-esteem, depression, anger, depression, fear, abuse and broken relationships can all benefit from Celebrate Recovery.

All it takes is the first step to admit you need help. Once you have come to that point, Celebrate Recovery will help you overcome your personal problems and live a long healthy life!

Dangerous Signs of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

Consuming vast amounts of alcohol has some rather obvious effects that show up as soon as the next morning. The light of the sun makes you want to crawl back under the safety of your covers, the thumping in your head makes you wish you could go back in time and not drink the night before and the thought of food will leave you praying to the porcelain gods.

These are the all too common side effects of a hard night of drinking, but there are other more sinister things happening deep inside your body every single time you choose to overindulge in alcohol.

Serious Long Term Effects
One of the most serious long terms effects of drinking too much comes when a person tries to suddenly stop drinking. The medical term for this is Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome, and the end result can wind up being deadly. It doesn’t matter if you have been drinking heavily for a week, a month or a year. The symptoms come on quickly and they can kill you. These symptoms can start as early as two hours after you have stopped drinking.

What Are the Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome?
The mild and more common symptoms often start with anxiety and the real problem is that most heavy drinkers just think they have developed anxiety issues. They never once consider the anxiety to be caused by alcohol.

The next most common symptom goes right along with anxiety. It is the shakes. These two go hand in hand and once again most heavy drinkers don’t seem to be able to put two and two together.

The more serious issues associated with Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome are possible seizures and delirium tremens. These can range from a rapid heartbeat to confusion and fever. The death rate for delirium tremens hovers somewhere between 1% and 5%.

The real problem is the speed at which these symptoms can get worse. Most people just shrug these symptoms off and continue the same drinking patterns even though their bodies are trying to tell them something. If you or anyone you know experiences any of these symptoms it is very important to seek medical help immediately. The best choice is to call 911 or head to the nearest emergency room.

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome is a very serious problem and should be treated as such. Seek professional help if you or anyone you know experiences any of these dangerous symptoms.

What Can You Expect From Our Sober Living Environment?

One thing is for certain, none of us know what tomorrow will bring, but with every day comes new opportunities to improve our lives. At Homes of Promise, we are here to help you or your loved ones by providing a sober living environment, but many people don’t fully understand what a sober living environment is. Here is what you can expect from our sober living houses.

The first commitment we ask of our guests is to live on site for one full year. During this time frame we also have other expectations for our guests. They are as follows.

You must be legally employed. If you are not currently employed, then you must be actively seeking work. Our locations are conveniently located near bus stops and freeways. This makes it very easy to travel back and forth to work.
All of our guests will be subject to random drug and alcohol testing. A one-time fee will cover this expense and all guests are required to pay this one-time fee. In order to remain in the house, all tests must be negative.
All guests must have a strong willingness to stay clean and sober.
All guests must adhere to the house curfew. This helps keep and orderly atmosphere in the house.
All guests must attend a weekly Friday night Light recovery meeting and all guests must adhere to and participate in the Celebrate Recovery and 12-step programs.

The Accommodations
Guests can expect nice accommodations that include: a fenced in yard with fruit trees, multiple gardens, a fountain pond, Wi-fi access, a spacious kitchen, a landline telephone, a single desktop computer and Verizon Fios TV. Guests will be required to bring their own food.

Everything that is in place at Homes of Promise is designed to help a person live a sober life. Guests will never be alone. There are other guests to interact with. There is a recovery friend and a mentor sponsor as well.

Our sober living environments are the perfect way to start a healthy, sober life. Feel free to contact us today for more information.

Los Angeles Is One of the Best Cities In the World

For many people the desire to travel west and visit the great state of California is a dream come true. Every year thousands of people make the journey out west and many of them fall in love with the California atmosphere. Many of them plan on building new lives in the great cities of California. One such city just so happens to be Los Angeles.

With only 503 square miles of space with 34 of it occupying water, people are packed into this great city tighter than a can of sardines. With a population of almost 4 million people, Los Angeles is the second most populated city in the entire United States. It ranks 63rd in the entire world. You can bet there is a lot to see and do while you are in Los Angeles, but there is also a darker side to this brightly lit city.

Drugs of Choice
Alcohol is always on the top of the list for people struggling with addiction, but many people don’t consider it a drug because it can be bought in every corner store in the city. It is still just as dangerous if not more dangerous than the controlled substances that make their ways to the streets.

Methamphetamine usage is at an all time high in and around Los Angeles. It is cheap and easy to get a hold of. Heroin and prescription drugs are also starting to see more usage as well. Roughly just under 50,000 people were treated for drug and alcohol problems in 2014. Of all the treatments, marijuana, alcohol, heroin and methamphetamine were the top five being treated for. Like many great cities in the United States, Los Angeles has its fair share of problems, but there is always someone willing to help.

Sober Living
At Homes of Promise we offer a Los Angeles sober living environment based on the Christian 12-step recovery program. Our Christian based system is what makes us unique to the other sober living homes in Los Angeles. Our home and our program is truly unique and we strive to help anyone who has issues with alcohol or drug addiction.

Alcohol Related Problems Are On the Rise

It happens more often than not but when it happens to a famous celebrity we all wind up hearing about it. What is “it?” Alcohol related death. We all know that overindulging in alcohol creates short term problems. Any person who has had too much to drink knows this when they come to the next morning and feel like they have been run over by a truck. Most people shrug it off and start drinking again in just a few days.

A few years go by and the damage you have done to your body becomes irreversible. You are now caught in a struggle to stay clean and sober while your body tries its best to recover from years of alcohol abuse. This is no made up fable to prevent people from drinking. This type of thing happens every single day and it is starting to happen more often in young women.

Elizabeth Pena
Cuban-American actress Elizabeth Pena, best known for her role in the hit television show Modern Family becomes part of the statistics that prove this point and yet another tragedy that people will never learn from. She died at the young age of 55 from alcohol.

Women and Alcohol

In a new report published by the Las Vegas based Innovative Detox, statistics are showing that an alarming amount of women are abusing alcohol. The end result of this abuse is scary to say the least. Women are suffering from alcoholism and much like Elizabeth Pena, death.

Are These Statistics Isolated?
There is not one specific geographic area where this is happening. It is happening everywhere across the country. Millions of women are currently struggling with alcoholism and the numbers are growing. In just the last two decades, the number of women who have become “regular” drinkers has risen dramatically. Alcohol related deaths among women have also risen just over 10% in the last 10 years.

These are all alarming facts that we need to pay close attention to and women are not the only ones suffering from alcohol related problems. Men are also suffering the same or similar problems from alcohol. Getting help is the first step towards addressing these problems and an excellent way to start out the new year.



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