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Learn How To Avoid Relapses With These Tips

Alcoholism is a disease that has many possibilities for relapse. Having a relapse is not an uncommon experience for alcoholics who are going through treatment. In fact, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has stated that around 90 percent of all people who are going through treatment will experience a couple of relapses during their first four years of sobriety.

Avoiding the Wrong Crowd

It can be really difficult to avoid a relapse when you are surrounding yourself with all the wrong people. If your current friends happen to be looking forward to happy hour every single day, then you might be hanging out with the wrong crowd. This can make sober living almost impossible.

Understanding Triggers

A relapse is often caused by a simple trigger. Learning to identify these triggers and how they effect you can help you avoid a relapse. Some triggers can be difficult to avoid because they involve exposure to small amounts of alcohol that you may not even be aware of. There are foods, candies and even mouthwashes that can expose you to small amounts of alcohol. These can cause a relapse.

You may also be under the impression that you can control your alcohol intake by using moderation. This is a dangerous assumption that almost always leads to a relapse.

There are also environment triggers that could lead you towards a relapse. These include:

  • places
  • people
  • music
  • situations

Environmental triggers are anything that may remind you of drinking. It could be a favorite song that you used to drink to, or it could be a place where you spent time drinking. Avoiding these places is the key to avoiding a relapse.

Stress is also another popular trigger that alcoholics need to deal with. Many people start drinking as a result of stress. They use drinking to help them get through stressful times. Old habits that are triggered by stressful situations can be very bad for any recovering addict. Learning how to avoid stress all together will help reduce the possibility of a relapse.



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