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Izzy Farrach – Co-Founder

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Izzy spent decades struggling with addiction and substance abuse leading to a variety of damaging experiences, including homelessness, crime and family crisis. The most permanent damage came in the form of life threatening illnesses, including hepatitis C and cirrhosis of the liver, from which he suffered even as he served our program attendees and a variety of other ministries.

Entering recovery 1994 and awaiting a necessary liver transplant, Izzy was compelled to share his experiences and testimony with men who are committed to recovery. As a single father of two boys and a widower after his wife Shawna passed away in 2013, he understood and respected the wide range of experiences that our program attendees bring with them.

Izzy also believed that the two years he spent in a sober living home played a large role in his long-term recovery and he always hoped that Izzy’s Place (our La Verne location) would play the same role in the lives of all our program attendees. He served as our first manager at Izzy’s Place – the home in La Verne that we named after him. 



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