The Blue Book – Restoring History. Restoring Lives.

Ray Adamyk began working in construction with his uncle when he was only 15 years old. Those early experiences helped fuel his passion to start his own company less than 10 years later. Business experience, a sense of greater purpose, and an inspirational trip to California to train for a triathlon led Adamyk to found Spectra Co. in 1985… Read More

LA Times – How I Made It

Ray Adamyk’s ‘artisan army’ restores historic buildings. The gig: Ray Adamyk, 52, is president of Spectra Co., a Pomona firm that has played a major role in restoring such prominent historic buildings as the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, the Catalina Casino in Avalon and the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles…. Read More

LA Business Journal- Surprise Proposal at Recovery Site

A few weeks ago, Ray Adamyk, 52, hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for a historic home in La Verne that his Pomona company, Spectra Co., worked to renovate and restore. The house built in 1917, had been convereted into a recovery home called, Izzy’s Place… Read More

San Gabriel Valley Tribune- Passion for Saving Historic Buildings 

Restorer of Kuns House has a passion for saving historic buildings. Ray Adamyk of Claremont prefers restoration, preservation and conservation of historically and culturally significant residences and buildings rather than tearing them down for modern edifices or parking lots… Read More



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