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Get the Facts About Heroin Addiction

It goes by many names. Junk, Smack, Horse, Big H and Skag are just a few. These are all names for one of the most addictive substances known to man, Heroin. On an international level it is estimated that just over nine million people use this dangerous substance and at this level of usage, heroin use is quickly becoming an epidemic. It is difficult to put an exact number on the amount of people in the United States who are currently using heroin, but rough estimates put usage somewhere around 900,000 people.

Unknown Dangers

Heroin can be injected, snorted or smoked and there are several very serious problems pertaining to heroin other than its highly addictive nature. With heroin, you never know the quality or quantity of active ingredients in each dose. This is why overdosing on the drug is so easy.

Another common problem is the lack of purity. Heroin in its purest form is a fine white powder. On the streets, it is rarely found in this color. It can be brown, gray, rosy or black. This color change comes from additives that are used to dilute the potency of the drug. These additives could be sugar, caffeine or more commonly, strychnine. You never really know what you are getting, when you do heroin. It only takes one time to kill you.

The Addiction

It only takes one use to become addicted to heroin and trying to quit cold turkey can wind up being very dangerous. The side effects or withdrawal symptoms from heroin are unlike any other drug known to man. They are very powerful and dangerous. The horror stories we hear about are 100% true. It is not unusual for a person to try heroin just once and within a year lose everything they own. It has that much control over people.

Getting Help

The best prevention is to never even try the stuff, but for the almost 1 million Americans out there who are having troubles with heroin, there is hope. Treatment centers really do work and sober living after treatment helps addicts learn how to get back on track. Don’t let heroin help you become part of the deadly statistics. Get help now while you still can.  



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