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Fighting Addiction With the Right Treatments

Drug and alcohol addiction is not as simple as having the willpower to stop. Addiction is an illness and a complex one at that. There are times when the cravings become so strong, they are uncontrollable and people will do just about anything to use just one more time. To make things even more complex, treatment is not as simple as stopping either. Both the body and the brain become dependent on drugs and alcohol after heavy use. A person simply can’t stop. There are life threatening dangers involved. This is just one reason why treatment is so vital and important.

Choosing the Right Treatment

It has already been proven that certain types of treatment are beneficial in more than one way. Not only do they help a person who is suffering from addiction stop using but they can also help an addict prevent relapse and get their life back together.

Treatment With Medications

Certain medications have their place in the world of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. These medications can and will help addicts deal with the often powerful withdrawal symptoms while they go through detox. These medications by themselves are not considered to be a treatment, but they can help with the overall process.

Other medications can be used to help reestablish normal brain functions that may have been altered by years of drug and alcohol abuse. Not only that, but there are medications that can help people deal with many types of chemical dependencies like: alcohol, nicotine, cocaine and methamphetamines just to name a few.

Behavior Treatments

A person’s behavior changes over time. The introduction of any type of chemical can severely alter a person’s behavior. When combined with the correct medications, behavioral treatments can help a person learn how to cope with life’s problems without using again. Some of the more popular behavioral treatments include group or one on one personal counseling.

Staying Sober With Sober Living

Treatment is just the first step towards recovery. Once you have moved through detox, you must find a healthy place to call home. At Homes of Promise, this is exactly what we provide. Our homes offer a safe and effective environment full of fellowship and Christian beliefs. We base our principles closely with Celebrate Recovery. You will never be alone as there are others who are always eager to lend a helping hand. We are here to help you maintain a sober, healthy lifestyle that is full of great opportunity.



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