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Escaping the Holidays Without A Relapse

It is that time of the year again. There will be no shortage of great holiday celebrations. This means there will be plenty of parties to attend. If you happen to work for a larger company, there is the inevitable office party that may even be mandatory. These are the parties that people talk about for years to come. There is always great food, great company and the drinks are always overflowing.

For most of the people who attend these holiday events, the end of the year party is an excellent time to let loose and unwind. For people who are going through recovery, this party can be an extremely difficult time. Attending parties is not always fun, especially when all you have in your hands is a glass of sparkling water. It can be depressing enough for some people during the holidays. This type of situation can make things even more depressing, but there are a few ways to bring out the holiday spirit. It is all about how you perceive things.

Back With A New Outlook

Recovering alcoholics have experienced something that others have not. A lot of them have been to the very bottom of the barrel. They have seen hell on earth and lived to love yet another day. This definitely changes a person. It can make artists more creative and it can leave everyone with a story to tell.

You, as a recovering alcoholic get to see the world through a new set of eyes. A set of eyes that see things in a different light. You get to sit back and watch all the drinkers make fools of themselves, but this is your chance to stand tall and offer a helping hand because you can now see the future. You know exactly how all of these people who are partying hard will feel when the sun comes up. The inevitable hangover will grip their lives for at least 12 hours while you get to revel in the light of the morning sun.

Living sober does have its advantages. You get the memories while the others don’t. You get a clean bill of health and feel good while the others clutch the toilet and wonder why they drank so much. You get a second chance on life while the others still wander through the delusions of alcohol. It’s all in how you choose to perceive the gift of sobriety.



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