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Do You Know A Problem Drinker?

Substance abuse falls under several categories and most people don’t even consider alcohol to be one of them when in fact it is one of the most dangerous of them all. If you were to ask a small group of people what they consider substance abuse to be, you would hear things like: heroin, cocaine, meth, opiates and benzodiazepines. Alcohol rarely even comes up in this type of conversation because it has become common and accepted but alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in the United States and it is hurting more people every single day.

  • 1 in every 12 adults suffers from alcohol abuse.
  • There are more than seven million children in the United States who have at least one parent with an alcohol problem.

Social Drinking

Alcohol is so widely accepted and it is often used in social environments like parties, celebrations or a simple night out on the town. Social drinking is being labeled a “low risk” type of drinking where a person has around seven drinks per week. That would be one drink every night. This low risk pattern of drinking can often lead to the next step where people are being called problem drinkers.

What Defines A Problem Drinker?

Problem drinkers will have a period of time in their lives when they drink heavily. It could last from one year to four or more. A lot of the problem drinkers will run into problems associated with their drinking habits and slow things down or stop completely. This does not happen with an alcoholic.

Alcoholics may be able to slow things down for a short period of time, but they will always return to periods of heavy drinking. There are often signs or symptoms associated with alcoholics. They will typically behave very differently when they are drinking. They also have no control over the amount they drink. Once they start, they find it difficult or impossible to stop. Alcoholics will also start using alcohol as a reward to help them get through a life event.

The truth is, alcoholics need help. That help could come in the form of friends and family or the help could come from a professional group of people who have designed a working plan to stop drinking. If you or someone you know is having troubles with alcohol don’t simply think these problems will pass because they won’t. Without the proper help, the problems will only eventually spiral completely out of control and hurt every single person involved. This includes immediate family members and friends.

At Homes of Promise, we can help by providing a clean, sober living environment with structure and purpose. All of our guests are required to maintain legal, stable jobs or search for employment on a regular basis. This structure helps the healing process.

Waiting is not the right choice. Getting help immediately is the best way to prevent any further problems from spiraling out of control.  



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