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Why Does Christian Drug Rehab Work?

Drugs, alcohol and any type of life altering addiction can and will change lives. Not only do they issues have a direct impact on the people who are suffering, but they also have a huge impact on everyone that is close to them. It could be family or it could be co-workers. There is a silver lining floating up there amongst all of these dark clouds and it is Christian drug rehab.

Why Choose A Faith Based System?

The bottom line is getting clean. It doesn’t really matter which system you choose to help you accomplish this, but faith based healing has an impressive track record for helping people overcome their problems.

To say the subject of addiction is a complicated one would be an understatement. The subject of addiction is still something that is not completely understood. It is much more than a simple physical problem. Addiction is deeply rooted in our emotions as well. Faith based systems work because they provide an answer to all of the “what ifs” that start to show up when a person is trying to stay sober. Faith proves that miracles do happen and God is here to lend a helping hand.

Staying sober can be a real challenge. Shame, guilt and anxiety will make several unwanted appearances and these are often the triggers that push a person two steps back. Being spiritually strong will help a person suffering from addiction stand up to these all too common problems.

Don’t Ignore Fellowship

One of the biggest advantages to Christian drug rehab is fellowship. You won’t be alone on your journey. Fellowship lets you share with others who are in the same exact situation as yourself and with others who have conquered temptation. It is like having your very own family who fully understands every little thing you are going through. No one has any preconceptions and no one is there to judge or condemn you for your actions. You are all in this together.

Continued Success

Christian drug rehab will help you through the early stages of recovery and the rest of your life. Homes of Promise is here to help you continue to live and enjoy a sober life. Our homes are faith based. The Christian doctrine governs and guides the policies in our recovery homes. You will have continued support from other house members, staff and God.  



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