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After Drug/Alcohol Detox and/or Treatment, Call Homes of Promise

Homes of Promise specializes in providing Christian sober living homes for men. Our homes can be your first stop after completing drug/alcohol detox and/or treatment.

About Our Recovery Homes

Homes of Promise is a non-profit organization that provides its program attendees clean, comfortable beds in a beautiful home. We currently have two homes in Los Angeles county. Our first home, Izzy’s Place, is located in La Verne, and our second home, The Pomona House, is located in Pomona. Both are historically restored homes that provide all the amenities listed below.

Our house rules require program attendees to work, do chores and maintain productive lives while living with us. This is how we achieve a harmonious home and a more successful program. Program attendees also attend 12-step meetings and other Christian support meetings.

What We Provide

In addition to a beautiful home, we provide the full amenities, including Wi-Fi, house computer, Cable TV and a large kitchen. There are plenty of bedrooms and baths in each home, in addition to spacious common areas for everyone to gather.

Contact Us Today

If you are ready to speak with someone about your options after drug/alcohol detox and/or treatment, Homes of Promise wants to hear from you. Contact us today at the phone number provided. We look forward to speaking with you and answering your questions.



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