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4 Common Signs of an Alcohol Problem

Alcoholism is currently affecting over 17 million people in the United States alone. On a global scale alcoholism is a much bigger problem. Being able to determine when the casual drink crosses over and becomes an addiction is the larger part of the problem people are facing all over the world. There are a few warning signs that things are going too far, but the people who are drinking are blind to these all too common warning signs. Learning to spot these alcohol patterns can and will help people fight alcohol abuse or dependency. Here are a few of the more common red flags that should not be ignored.

Alcohol Tolerance Levels

When a person has their first alcoholic drink, one drink may be sufficient. Over time though the body builds up a tolerance to alcohol and more is needed in order to feel good. That one drink now becomes four or five. In some cases people may be able to drink massive amounts of alcohol without showing any signs of being intoxicated. This is one of the major problems with alcohol. Most people never notice this slow change until a dependency has been formed.

Alcohol Withdrawal

One of the more common signs that almost always gets overlooked is alcohol withdrawal symptoms. The human body starts to depend on alcohol and not getting it will create some common problems which include: anxiety, sweats, fatigue, depression, insomnia, irritability, headaches, loss of appetite and nausea.

Many of these symptoms get treated with habit forming medications. These medications do nothing more than mask the problem. Alcohol, being the reel root of the problem gets overlooked. It is much easier to prescribe a medication than it is to treat the underlying problem.

Drinking Starts to Become More Important

People who are developing alcohol dependency will often stop doing the things they loved. This includes hobbies and healthy activities. Instead, they start making more time in their lives for drinking. Their focus and energy levels start to turn to one thing, drinking.

Drinking Continues Despite Problems

As drinking becomes more of a daily pattern problems start to surface. These could be health problems, relationship problems, employment problems or other life altering concerns. These problems are swept under the carpet and ignored even though they continue and escalate.

Can’t Stop

The final and most obvious sign of a drinking problem is a person who can’t stop drinking even when they want to. This is often when things start to spiral out of control.

Help is always available to anyone who may be experiencing these problems and it is never too late to try and get help with alcohol dependency. Continued long term alcohol abuse has many very serious side effects that can be prevented with the right help. Take back control of your life and get help today.



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