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3 Powerful Tips for Living a Sober Lifestyle

Taking the first steps towards sobriety can often be a slow and difficult process. Admitting there is a problem is always the first step. Finding the right place to get help is always the second. From there, the road to sobriety will be full of challenges. Keeping yourself sober will be one of the biggest obstacles you will face. Millions of people before you have been down this path. They have been successful and so can you. Here are some tips from people who have faced their demons and won.

Take Things Day By Day

For the first few weeks and months of your sober living experience it may seem difficult to see the bigger picture. Sobriety is a long journey with a happy ending. At first it will be best to take things day by day. Each day that you make it without a drink puts you closer to your ultimate goal of sobriety. When you have an entire sober week under your belt, things will start to smooth out and get easier. This is a day by day challenge.

Moderation Is Not the Answer

All things in moderation is an excellent phrase to live by, but this phrase does not apply to people who are suffering from alcoholism. Alcohol detox is very serious. Trying to have just one drink makes this process impossible. Abstinence is the only solution for people suffering from this debilitating disease. Understanding this simple concept can make it less tempting to have just one drink.

Choose Your Friends

Battling any sort of addiction is very difficult when you surround yourself with enablers. This can be said of friends, family members and intimate relationship partners. Surrounding yourself with these types of people will only make it more difficult for you to remain sober. It can be very difficult to try and cut these people from your life, but for the first few months of your sober journey, it will make things easier.

Surround yourself with people who are positive about the challenges you will be facing. The right person can help you make it through the toughest of times. These are the people you need on your side, not the enablers.




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