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3 Inspirational Movies About Sobriety and Recovery

Recovery is a long road full of opportunities for relapse. Boredom is often one of the most common reasons an addict decides to try just one more time. People who are going through recovery must be able to keep their minds busy. This can be a challenging thing to do when their minds keep taking them back to using.

Movies and films are one great way to keep a person entertained while they are on the road to recovery, but not just any movie will work. The wrong movie can easily have send a person back to using. When movies become the subject of entertainment, they must be movies that positively reinforce sobriety. Here are a few great movies that do just that.

Clean & Sober

This movie stars Michael Keaton and it portrays the classic tale about addiction and reluctance to accept the situation at hand. His life of addiction finally catches up to him and he uses rehab as an escape. Once in rehab, he learns what it is like to live a clean and sober life.

People struggling with addiction will be able to identify with the character reluctance to admit addiction. They will also get a good idea of what happens when recovery starts to take shape.

Days of Wine and Roses

Alcoholism is a disease where far more than the alcoholic suffers. Everyone around them becomes a part of the downward spiral that can often have fatal consequences. This film focuses on a couple who feed off each other’s alcoholism. It is easier for alcoholics to stay with other alcoholics. They will both rationalize drinking in the same way. This movie shows exactly how alcoholism can destroy more than one person.

28 Days

Most movies that focus on recovery are heart wrenching tear jerkers, but that is not the case with 28 days. It has more of a light hearted feel to it. Again alcoholism takes center stage in this film and it has a huge impact on everyone within the family. The main character enters a 28 day rehab program with no actual intentions on staying sober, but once she sees how good life is sober, she makes the commitment to change her life.

Addicts need all the help they can get in order to avoid relapse. These are just a few good movies that are full of hope and inspiration and help addicts through the tough road of recovery.



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