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3 Very Important Ways to Avoid A Relapse

Admitting that you need help with your addiction is the first step towards the healing process. The second step is successfully making it through the drug rehab program of your choice. This is the point where success stops for most people. If you or someone you know has shown the strength to get through drug rehab, then they should be commended for achieving such a great accomplishment. The next step is staying clean and sober. There are so many chances for relapse that this can be a difficult thing to do. Here are a few proven methods for avoiding a relapse.

Avoid Temptation

Many people feel the need to prove that they can live around others who are still using. They need to prove to themselves and others that they possess the strength to get through temptation, but this can be a huge mistake. It may seem easy to say no the first few times, but the temptation will grow stronger each and every day.

The best choice is to steer clear of temptation alltogether. It doesn’t matter if the temptation comes from a physical source or an emotional trigger, avoiding temptation is going to be the single best way to prevent a possible relapse.

Get the Support You Need

Having a strong support group that is ready and willing for you after completing drug rehab is extremely important. You will need to stay away from your old friends who are still using even if they don’t have a problem. Unhealthy relationships should also be severed.

Instead of hanging out with the same old crowd, it would be a good idea to spend your free time with people who know and understand what an addict goes through. If you don’t have any people ready to support you after rehab, now is the perfect time to start creating your very own personal support group.

Develop A Healthy Schedule

Boredom is extremely common after rehab. In fact, boredom is usually the number one reason an addict relapses. Creating a healthy lifestyle will help eliminate the common problems associated with boredom. The easiest way to do this is by creating a schedule that you must adhere to. Don’t make the same exact schedule for every day. Mix it up a bit. Keep things interesting. There are plenty of great outdoor activities you could be doing out there to keep from getting bored and keep you healthy at the same time!

Here at Homes of Promise, we know how difficult it can be to avoid a relapse after drug rehab. That is why we offer the best sober living environments. Call us today at 888-856-9480. We will be glad to talk to you in detail about our services.



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